Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep!  My child has been diagnosed with the mental illness of Schizophrenia.  He hears voices.  Can you tell me where these voices are coming from? Also, is there anything that can be done to help my child cope with life with mental illness?


Yogi Amandeep


These voices are memories that come from that time when your child was in the womb. The time in the womb is the most important time.  The womb is like the warehouse where the human being is assembled.  The environment of this warehouse impacts the delicate assembly and determines this child’s health outside the womb.


What happens in today’s world is that we do not give the right environment to that woman who is pregnant.  The mother endures too much stress and depression; too much pressure is imposed upon pregnant women today.


The outcome of this stress and depression that is imposed upon the mother is that the children these women carry grow into beings who suffer from mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia.


It is essential to consciously create the right environment for a pregnant woman so that a child can develop properly.  


In the past, in the yogic teachings, a woman was not casually tossed into pregnancy by accident.  Today, most pregnancy happens by accident; the environment is not properly prepared.  We can learn from the yogic past.  Back then, every pregnancy was planned and much consciousness was invested in building the right environment to cultivate a healthy pregnancy.  Sages sang prayers; spaces vibrated mantras; and awakened ones performed rituals.  The community created an environment of sacred consciousness that prepared the family and prepared the world to welcome a pregnancy.  This also could make a child feel welcome into a prepared world in a prepared way.  It was all cultivated with consciousness, focus, attention, and an investment from the heart.  Husband and wife were both involved in all the plans and preparations; even whole communities came together.  With this much support and sacredness, there is no way a woman can fall into stress and depression.  Today, many women go through pregnancy feeling alone and alienated from their communities.  But when we all plan and prepare for a child together, the womb is a celebrated space, a sacred space, and a healthy child develops and feels welcome into a conscious world.


Today, even if the pregnancy was planned, there may not have been the right environment throughout the pregnancy to keep that child forming in such a way that the child can experience the full potential of mental, physical, and spiritual wonder of the womb .  Growth in the womb happens at an extremely rapid rate; every moment is crucial for proper development.  Plus, in the womb, a being is in a great meditative state, a mystical state where the connection between the child and the divine is not totally forgotten.  All that we experience while floating in the sacred waters of the womb is subtle and sacred.  That’s why mother and child deserve environments that acknowledge and sustain the sacred experience of the womb.  We can bring more awareness to the being in the womb who is experiencing rapid growth and profound meditation.


So, now what if the child is already out of the womb?  Children cannot return to the womb.  How many of us have experienced a womb that did not receive the proper attention?  So now the question is this:  can anything be done now?  Is it too late?  The child cannot return to the womb; he is already diagnosed with mental illness.  So, now what?


The answer is this:  Create a yogic space for the child now.


In the universe there is no permanent problem.  Every problem is a thought.  That’s all.  Every thought is just a memory.  This memory is imprinted in the body.  It is just like when you write something down on paper.  That which is written can be erased and rewritten.  The rewriting process is a process of making your life divine.  Create a sacred environment around that child.  Meditate around that child, and teach the child to meditate.  Practice yoga with the child.  Chant.


Introduce yantras to the child.  Draw yantras.  Color yantras.  The science of yantras is a science of the visual guides used for meditation.  Yantras are visual representations of sacred geometry.  Meditating on these images can have powerful impact.  Teach the child to draw yantras.  There are books out there that you can buy that help guide people to draw yantras. Drawing yantras can be taught to this child. Yantras is a sacred geometry. When you draw sacred geometry, it impacts your memory and your chitta (consciousness).  There are books out there that give you a basic idea on how to draw these yantras.  Siri yantra can be drawn and placed in the house.  You can draw the yantra and the child can color the yantra.


A yantra is a one method you can use to reprogram the memory in the mind.


Also, you can buy yantras, and you can wear yantras around your neck.  Make sure that yantra is an activated yantra.  If you don’t know whether it is activated or not, bring the yantra into your home but first place it on your altar for forty days.


If you do not yet have an altar in your home, create one.  It is important to create an altar in your home.  The ultimate way to make a sacred space for the child is to make an altar in the home.  How to build an altar?  It’s simple.  Create an altar can be very simple.  Free a room or a corner of your home from any clutter; be sure the space is clean.  Place an image of an enlightened being on a small table.  Or maybe you have a picture of a sacred temple or a sacred object or relic.  Anything that you regard as sacred, precious, and elevating can be used as the central object on your altar.  Every day you go to your altar, and you bow.  When you bow at your personal, sacred altar, the karma  on your forehead is rewritten.  So, build an altar and then place the yantra on the altar.  After the yantra sits on the altar for forty days, and you have bowed or meditated at that altar, this process will activate that yantra.  May you bring this sacredness into your home and into your life.


To sum up, mental problems are there when the child did not have the right environment in the womb.  Now, you create the right environment for that child.  Please note that the process and transformation will take much longer outside the womb.  The environment outside the womb is very slow going when it comes to change and growth — as opposed to the rapid rate in which the consciousness formed in womb.  So, you must be patient and persistent.  Healing is a process and takes much time.  Do not give up, no matter what; keep up.  Surely, at some point, there will be a change in that person’s consciousness.


Special thank you to the seekers in Russia who are participating in the online courses.  Thank you for asking your heartfelt questions.  Also, special thank you to Elena Ivanova Ram Inder Jot for organizing these online courses.  Many blessings!  May Guru Ram Das live in all of your hearts.  Sat Nam!


How to Draw Sri Yantra




© Yogi Amandeep Singh

1 comment on “To Heal Children, Create Sacred Spaces

  1. I agree with Yogi Amandeep. I worked as an art therapist with schizophrenic sufferers for some years before I became a psychologist. I learned that schizophrenic psychoses had an order and a logic if the material could be deciphered. Part of the process of recovery involves an understanding and meaning-making of their inner processes. All of the psychotic material has a logic of its own and a direction for the sufferer imbedded within it. If it is understood and used to create a sense of meaning and purpose, it can be a powerful spiritual and healing tool in recovery.


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