Go Into Ecstasy this New Year

This New Year, Play With the Pulse

Blessed Seeker,

you can invoke the pulse of the universe!

You can go beyond your limited, small historical you.


You can be with the pulse you share with the sun. Be with the pulse, which is the source of existence, and you share it with the moon. You share this pulse with the furthest galaxy. You share this pulse with every other being. So, now please drop your smallness and open up to the vastness.


Within you are fires of the sun. Within you is the coolness of the moon. Open up. Open up to this play of the cosmos that is within you.


You may be thinking how do I open up?


Stop thinking.


Consciously, come down to the heart. The journey is not about going high. The journey is about coming down.


Begin breath of fire.


While practicing this breath of fire, be aware that your referencing point is your heart.

Listen closely, and hear the breath of fire.


Deeply relate to the sound the breath produces.


This sound is a flute. Hear the flute.

Rumi says, “those who hear the flute, they go into ecstasy.” Now is a moment to go into ecstasy. Miracles happen in the moment. If you are aware, you realize, but if you miss the moment, you miss the miracle.

Be aware that this breath is the breath of Guru Ram Das. Dwell in wonder, contemplating and realizing that this is the same flute heard by Guru Ram Das.

This flute you hear, this is the flute that plays to the rhythm of the pulse that ignites the creative impulse within you. This flute played with the Guru; this flute plays with you. This flute continues long into tomorrow and unto the timeless realms of the universe. Hear this flute weaving into the music of the spheres.  Hear this flute echoing through the cosmic rush of the sacred waters of the Akasha Ganga.


At the new year, a portal opens up, and creative energy becomes especially accessible during the new year.


At this time, if you gather with a group of conscious beings around a sacred fire, you relate to this moment from the reference point of the heart, and you hear the play of the cosmic flute, you will set a rhythm for your entire life for the year to come. This rhythm will support your growth, healing, awakening, creativity, health, and radiance throughout the entire year.


Join us this new year.  We will balance Shiva and Shakti, the Yin and the Yang. We will bring these polarities to zero. We will dwell in the dark and the light at the center of the chest. With our folded hands touched to the heart center, the universe will be welcome to flow through us. We will synchronize, realize, and go into ecstasy.


Sit with these words as a realization. Sit with this pulse as a realization. Realize how deep and beautiful is your existence synchronizing the Cosmic Pulse and Cosmic Flute. This is the miracle of Naad Rahasia!


This New Year, let’s dive into the miracle that is at the heart of the sacred realm of the Naad Rahasia, the sacred realm of the Cosmic Pulse.


Sat Naam!


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© Yogi Amandeep Singh


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