Meditation to Awaken Active Awareness

Sit With a Yogi and Be in Awareness

Tune in with the Adi Mantra


Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo


For protection, also chant the Mangala Charan Mantra


Aad Guray Nameh


After chanting these mantras three times each, sit with your breath.


Sit With Your Breath


Photo by Francesco Mastalia at Yoga at the Ashram in Millis, MA


Slowly inhale.  Hold the breath for a little longer than is comfortable.  Exhale so slowly.  Sit with your breath.  Breath is not just an automatic physiological function.  Here and now, sit with your breath as a realization.  Sit with your breath as … realization.


Inhale, and hold the breath. As you hold the breath, become aware of the shift.  Become aware of the sensations as you become one with the Pavan Guru.  The Pavan Guru can solve all your problems, if you become one with the breath.


A yogi is the one who holds the breath.


Let go and exhale.  Realize.


One more time, inhale. Hold your breath and hold your life. You hold your life and become aware of your aliveness. When you become this awake, you are in the now.


Slowly exhale.  Realize.


Last time, inhale slowly. Hold your breath.  Become aware of the shift.  Become aware that something starts to change.   It is as simple as that.


Master holding the breath. All you need to do is learn how to hold the breath, and the kundalini will be awakened. All you need to know is how to hold the breath. Sit with your breath as a realization.  That’s all.


Now, feel and believe that you are sitting with a yogi. 

Practice the following meditation.


Meditation to Awaken Active Awareness


This post describes a meditation to experience active awareness, or awakened awareness.  This is referred to as Kartah Purakh.  This means we cultivate the capacity to experience everything that is occurring in life as a realization, not as background.  For instance, you breathe, you blink, your heart beats, and many things are happening; but, you are not actively aware of all this all the time.  Now, be with breathing, blinking, heart beating, etc. as realization.  Be so aware of all these things that are going on in the present moment that your consciousness is in awe; you dwell in wonder; you are mesmerized by the profound beauty that is blinking, the profound wisdom that is breathing, the profound rhythm that is heart beating.  Experience all things going on within you and without you as a realization.  That is what this meditation can give.


Here is how to be with this meditation:

The Bhairava Mudra


Put your Venus finger (also known as the ring finger) and Jupiter finger (also known as the index finger) onto the thumb. The Mercury finger (pinkie) and the Saturn finger (middle finger) point straight up.  Hold the mudra up at shoulder level.  Sit with a tall spine.  Lift the heart and rib cage.  The ring finger symbolizes relationships.  The index finger symbolizes wisdom. With this mudra, we bring wisdom and all that is in relationship to unite with the individual ego.


The Bhairava Mudra symbolizes the most evolved, most active, and most receptive form of Shiva. Shiva is your consciousness, the ever present awareness. As you are reading these words, who is behind your consciousness? Shiva. As you blink your eyes, who is the source behind the blinking of the eyes? Shiva. Consciousness. Subtle consciousness, which is available all the time, exists in everything that you are and everything that you do. You don’t know. It is there. When this realization manifests and becomes part of your ordinary nature, you awaken. Shiva is the hidden awareness. Manifested awareness. Active awareness. Kartah Purakh, active awareness, realized in the movement of your hands, in the blinking of your eyes, in the dance of your tongue, in the coming and going of your breath. When you are in purash, all of this is happening  as if in the background, you are not actively aware of it. But in Kartah Purakh, you are living in total awareness. Awareness is in your words, your sight, your breath; awareness is in your eating, your walking, your movement. You become fully alert to your own aliveness.  Total aliveness become a realization.


In the acneint writings, this is called Bhairava, awakened awareness. Now, hold the hands in the Bhairava mudra, and the heart is lifted. When the heart is lifted, miracles happen. Sit like an awakened one. Fake it until you make it. But really you have already made it and you are not aware.  Really faking it is not really there.  So, just take the fake out of it, and become. It is not tense. Relax. The more relaxed you are, the deeper you will go. The heart is lifted. The rib cage is lifted. You sit tall. You remain tall.



You fake it until you make it. 

But realize you have already made it. 

So, now you can take the fake out of it and become.






Your eyes are closed for this meditation.  Keep the eyes still; focus the two eyes steady at the Third Eye.



Mouth and Breath



Make an O-shaped mouth. 

Breathe through the mouth, and the navel will naturally pump.


When the drum of the navel and the flute of the breath synchronize, you become music. The breath is the flute of the divine. The pumping of the navel is the drum of Shiva, the drum of consciousness. Synchronize breath and navel, and your life will start to become music. Beings who evolved suddenly started to sing, suddenly started to dance, suddenly started to whirl because their lives became musical.


Continue for two minutes or so.


To close the meditation, inhale.  Hold.  Exhale.  Slowly open your eyes.  Sat Nam.


This is a meditation to experience active awareness. Practice every day to experience awakened awareness so that the things that are usually going on in the background can arise into your experience as Realization.


This meditation can help if you have issues with your relationships and can help you experience the deeper wisdom of being alive; you experience the awareness that is being alive.


May we learn to sit.  May we learn to breathe.  May we learn to be in full awareness of sitting and breathing.  May we learn to bow.


Sat Naam!


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Photo by Francesco Mastalia at Yoga at the Ashram in Millis, MA



2 comments on “Sit With a Yogi and Be in Awareness

  1. Thank you, dear Yogi Amandeep, for this very detailed instruction and wonderful words straight from the heart.
    Many blessings to you and the pilgrims on the forthcoming Yatra to India.
    Travelling with you in thoughts with the sunflower on my altar. 🙂


  2. Ramjot Kaur

    Thank you. So deep and beautiful. Wahe Guru!


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