Hail Hail Guru Ram Das Succeed Consciously

May You Succeed in Business and Beyond

Here is a simple formula for creating business success. 


Bring your energy plus your awareness together to praise Guru Ram Das.


Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur


This quote from Yogi Bhajan describes the power of Guru Ram Das:


“He shall heal you, heal your surroundings, take care of your things and square your business accounts.  He’s a good Guru, and he knows the business.”


Guru Ram Das knows the business.  Consciously enshrine his presence in your heart.  Notice that today–October 9, 2018–also happens to be a new moon.  The Siri Guru Granth says, “At the new moon, feel your soul is at peace, and the Divine has blessed you with contentment.”  This new moon arises in harmony with the celebration of Guru Ram Das.  What wonderful synchronicity the Creator gives!  Be glad to engage these powerful cosmic conditions to set your intentions.


This new moon, infuse the consciousness of Guru Ram Das into all the dimensions of your being.


Be with Guru Ram Das


Guru Ram Das sits on the throne of Raj Yog. Ra means the sun. Ja means the path. Raja is the path of the sun, the path of enlightenment, the royal path which uplifts your consciousness.


There are 108 forms of yoga, and Raj Yoga contains all these forms of yoga put together:  Shabad, Yantra, Tantra, Laya, Bhakti, etc.  All these forms of yoga, when combined together, become a royal path, and that is the path of Raj Yog.


Guru Ram Das sits on the throne of Raj Yoga.


Yogi Bhajan took Guru Ram Das to be his guru because he was an embodiment of the energy of miracles, healing, and humility.  Now, in this very moment, just feel the energy of miracles and healing course through your spine and vibrate within every cell of your body.  In your spine, and with every cell, praise Guru Ram Das.


Also, be aware that Guru Ram Das is the embodiment of humility.  He was a humble Guru who served.  Outside the temple, he quietly cleaned the shoes of the seekers while they were inside worshipping.  When his choice to grow his beard was challenged by Baba Siri Chand, Guru Ram Das bent low and used his beard to dust the feet of the perfect yogi.


The kind of humility Guru Ram Das embodied is extremely rare.  One reason why this kind of humility is so rare is because only a very refined intuition can discern the difference between false humility and authentic humility.  Then only the rarest sage can actually project and embody authentic humility


Reflection on Humility 


This is a contemplation on authentic Humility

from the perspective of the Buddhi, (the Buddhi is discerning intelligence).


In the world today, authentic humility is almost unheard of.  Now open your refined and discerning Third Eye and come to recognize authentic humility.


Humility in the form of self-deprecation is not true humility.  What does this mean?  It is important to understand that open displays of modesty and indulgence toward people who hold political, financial, and societal power are not authentic humility.


Authentic humility is NOT about being meek, mild, and submissive to the social powers that be.  Humility is not about playing out social dynamics between superiors and subordinates.  Attempting to express humility at this level does not go beyond the layers of Annamaya Kosha (physical layer), Pranamaya Kosha (energetic layer), and Manamaya Kosha (mental layer).


Notice that nowadays many people leak away their true humility in flawed social relations. Within human relationships there is too much imbalance and power dynamics.  Too often we perceive our “place” in a pecking order in terms of comparisons.  Who is wealthiest, most beautiful, most successful, most clever and who is the loudest mouth often determines to whom we show deference.  We get caught up in false stories and notions we hold in our minds. We compare ourselves to others and then think that our quiet display of respect toward “superiors” is the same thing as humility. No.  It is not.  Try to notice where true humility gets buried beneath the loud mental chatter that indulges in superiority and inferiority psychological complexes.


Humility is a state of being beyond any mental construct.


Authentic humility is about seeing the down low, seeing the-down-and-out. Then, while remaining in Guru consciousness, meet the lowest with a smile and consciously lift such a being up and out of his or her despair or ignorance. Humility means being the forklift. Yogi Bhajan taught us to be the forklift.


Being the forklift means you confront the most urgent, most uneasy, and most deluded situations and you get a strong foothold beneath them; then, use all your strength and consciousness to lift those situations to higher level or frequency. No matter what the outcome, you consciously recognize that there is still a Sat Naam consciousness of your being that is in no way ever affected by any of the forklifting you have done.  This is the most difficult job and demands the greatest determination, patience, tolerance, courage, awareness, and grace. This is the humility of Guru Ram Das, and this is why he is the king who is seated on the throne of Raj Yog.  And this is the real business.  This is the humility that accesses the layer of Anandamaya Kosha and the Atma (the bliss layer and soul).


Humility from the perspective of consciousness:


Ram Das is not something outside.  Ram Das is always within you.

Ram means the all-pervading universal consciousness

without any boundaries and without any limitations.

Das means ego-less.

When you connect with this Guru, you become empty and the all-pervading, ego-less consciousness flows through you.  So, Ram Das is a state of being.  And authentic humility is the virtue that projects from such a consciousness.  Surely this will bring prosperity to your business endeavors.  Regardless what state your business is in–whether it be profiting or going under–just sit in contentment simply because the moon is new.


The Sutra says,

Sikhee atai sangatee paarbrahm kaar namaskaari-aa

Sikhs as well as all conscious people bow to You because you manifest the Creator


Watch this video:


This is a promotional video created years ago for a Soul Answer University course that took place in 2012.  You can still access recordings of this course through Soul Answer University.




May Guru Ram Das dwell in your heart.


If you run a business of any kind, may Guru Ram Das bless your business and bless your sincere efforts to make an honest living.  May you guide your business and all dimensions of your business to vibrate compassion, consciousness, and contentment.


May we continue to come together in communities around the world to praise Guru Ram Das.  May this energy of praise of the Lord of Miracles bless and heal this world.


For further contemplation…



Today’s spiritual seekers try and try to become something.  But in the past, the spiritual path was not about becoming something; it was about becoming nothing.


Sat Naam!


© Yogi Amandeep Singh


Image courtesy of Toronto Kundalini Yoga


(Above, the image of Guru Ram Das featured on the

header of this post was painted by G. S. Sohan Singh)

2 comments on “May You Succeed in Business and Beyond

  1. Puranjot Kaur

    Wahe Guru!
    Dhan Dhan Guru Ram Das!
    Let the miracles going, my beloved Guru!


  2. Mantra Deva Singh

    Thank you for this Amandeep. Sat Nam from NYC.


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