Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep!  I have heard you say, “A Yogi only exhales.”  Can you explain what you mean by this?



Yogi Amandeep


Many blessings to you!  Now, let’s dwell with the truth that is right beneath the nose. What is that truth?


The breath.



Inhale deeply.



While you inhale, contemplate all of your prosperity, all your blessings, all your happiness, all your achievements, all the things you hold dear–both material and spiritual–mentally place all of that on this breath.



Exhale completely.



Let the breath go, and give everything that you have and everything that you are back to the Divine, to the Guru, to the Universe, to the Beloved, to the One.



Until you know how to give,

you do not know how to live.




All your prosperity, all your vitality, wealth, happiness and wisdom, you must infuse all of it into the Pavan so that when you exhale, that exhale is a dedication or offering.  You must exhale your totality.  A yogi’s exhalation gets charged with prosperity, wisdom, devotion, consciousness, and blessing.  Why or how is this so?  Because the yogi uses energy within himself or herself to bring the totality into balance, to transform energy into that which serves, and to crystalize the chita (consciousness).  Each exhale gets infused with the yogi’s awareness of the Self.  Be in awareness of what is released into the universe.  Release consciously.







Breath is the carrier of the Pavan Guru.



Usually, when people inhale, they refer to this action as “taking” a breath in.  To say we take a breath suggests that we are bringing breath within us to possess it, to keep it as our own, as our property.  The fact that breathing is necessary to human survival often makes people relate to the act of breathing as a possession.  Supposing you live with a fear of death, then each breath–on the subconscious level–will be infused with clinging, attachment, possessiveness, and fear.



But to a yogi, the breath is not something that is taken. The breath is the carrier of the Pavan Guru. The breath conveys the Guru. The breath is something that is not ours to take and keep. Breath exists in its own right, as a unified force.  Breath moves its way through the universe beyond your individual inhalation and exhalation, way beyond the limited parameters of this one human life.  From Breath’s perspective there is no in and out; it is all one through all creatures, all one breath throughout all time and space.  This breath is the same breath of Guru Nanak, and all the saints and sages.



There is no give and take relationship with the breath, either.  Instead, it is more of an impression and expression relationship.  Realize the inhaled breath is the Pavan Guru making an impression on you.  Realize the exhaled breath as your expression of the Pavan Guru’s song as Pavan Guru sings through you.  You bless the universe with this song.



For a lifetime, one person may dwell with a particular body through which the breath is welcomed over and over again to express its expression through that body.  In this sense, the breath takes the yogi.  All the things accumulated by this particular body, this totality, are then placed at the feet of this Pavan Guru.  The yogi’s exhale is his or her way of saying, “Universe, all of this belongs to you. All is yours.”  Thus, a yogi only exhales.



Blessed are those who learn how to breathe.  Blessed are those who learn how to infuse the breath.  Blessed are those who learn to gift the awareness of the Self to the universe.  This is a very rare thing.



A yogi only exhales. 





© Yogi Amandeep Singh

2 comments on “A Yogi Only Exhales

  1. Wow! Very well said.

    All of our life, I have been so focussed on breathing in (only worried about me, and collecting for me), that I always forget the aspect of breathing out (contributing to the shristi, the creator, and fellow living beings). It is not something that I should remember. Letting out, giving away should be as normal as breathing out.

    Thank you for clarifying this, in such a trivial manner


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