A Rare Sage

In Loving Memory of Baba Pala Singh Ji

Baba Pala Singh lived to save animals from slaughter.

Blessed are those who have found their Dharma.  Such was this rare sage of our times- Baba Pala Singh Gaunwale.  He felt the pain of animals, the cry of the animals.  He left home at a very young age to answer the call of the animals.  He saved thousands of cows, goats and many other animals from slaughter.


He roamed with them.  He sat with them, and he slept with them.  When he would walk, thousands of cows would walk with him.  When he would sit, all would sit.  He was a rare sage and great inspiration for humanity.  He dedicated his whole life to animal protection.


I am saddened to hear that he passed away in the morning hours after his meditation.  I bow, bow, and bow to such sages who have found their Dharma and have walked the path of Dharma.  Namo Namaha.




May he endure as a consciousness that resonates

these sutras from Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib




Dhaul dharam daya ka poot

santokh thaap rakhi aa jin soot

Dharma is the offspring of compassion;

this is what patiently holds the earth in its place



Baba Pala Singh Ji walks with a procession

of sacred cows.







A Tribute to a Great Sage





This cow cries, mourning the passing of

Baba Pala Singh.




Baba Pala Singh Ji served tirelessly, with compassion.  To honor him and the entire Cow Sage tradition that reaches back to ancient times, we have an organization called Brahm Buta Initiative that we are building to help save cows from slaughter.  We shall continue to honor and support sages like Baba Pala Ji.  In loving memory of him, we shall carry on, with fortitude, the great work of compassion toward animals.



© Yogi Amandeep Singh






1 comment on “In Loving Memory of Baba Pala Singh Ji

  1. Sat Nam…… I would love to read more about female sages……thank you, Kulbir


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