Spiritual Seekers with a Yogi

Seekers Join and Miracles Bloom

One of the greatest miracles is seekers

joining together. 

When seekers sit together,

miracles bloom.


Picture21 (1)
Reverent with Puranjot Kaur and Heart Sutra Sangat, China


One-pointed Joy with Saraswati Kaur, Japan


Open Heart with Rabia Kaur, Himalayas


Gratitude with Lisa Miller, California


Beautiful and Bountiful with Sat Ravi Singh, Germany


Ecstatic with Randeep Dhillon, Australia


In divine light with Dhruv Singh, USA


Vibrating the Naam with Devi Kiran Kaur, San Francisco
Compassion with Reinette Fournier and Thomas Speare, Rhode Island


Beyond Time and Space with Cosmic Pulse Team, 1440 Multiversity


We would love for you to join us, too.



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