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How to Love One Another Right Now


Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep! Sometimes I find it hard to love my fellow human beings; I try to interact and connect, but people seem blasé, distracted, insensitive, and sometimes even downright cruel; also, they don’t seem to be aware they are behaving this way. I want to see the inner light within all beings and sincerely bow to this light, but this is difficult. How can I be more loving toward all people and see the wisdom and light within every heart in every moment, even when it seems impossible?

Yogi Amandeep

It helps to understand that we rarely experience reality as it is; rarely do we see the Ultimate Reality, the Divine Reality, Buddha Nature, or True Changeless Nature (however you like to call it) in each being and each thing in each moment.  Rarely do we ever truly perceive things the way they are.


These are two ways we perceive the world:


1. We perceive reality distorted through our projections.

2. We perceive reality through our skewed sense perception that is influenced by the five elements at play inside our bodies.


We do not see reality as it is.


For example, let’s say you and I are both looking at the same flower.  You are seeing that flower through your perception; I am seeing that flower through my perception.  Seeing this flower might remind you of one thing — maybe someone gave you that flower once as a gift.  You look at that flower and maybe you remember that gift.  At the same time, I may see this same flower as a different thing; maybe I recall a time I cultivated such a flower in my garden.  I remember the hard work it took to cultivate this kind of flower and grow it from a seed to a bloom.  Actually, in both cases, we are not seeing the flower as it is; we are seeing our projected reality.


Transcend Your Projected Reality


To perceive the flower as it truly is according to the flower’s own true nature, we need to transcend our projected reality. A flower does not perceive itself as a flowerFlower is a name humans impose upon this kind of being; all the ideas, sense perceptions, stories, judgements, dichotomies, politics, preferences, agendas, and hierarchies that we impose upon this being or any being do not acknowledge the being’s essence.  Instead, sit with this being while you are empty of all those things.  Realize this being’s is-ness; realize this being radiating pure existence. To see this one glorious being from the perspective of Ultimate Reality or its Buddha Nature, we transcend all mental projections, all social projections, all cultural projections, all differentiating projections.  We can be with this being’s pure aliveness and realize oneness because this being-ness is the same being-ness within me and within you and within all beings.  Now, realize this unifying perception.



aquatic beautiful bloom blooming
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Likewise, to see into another human beings’ heart and perceive the true nature within that heart, you must transcend your projected reality in every moment, in every interaction with that heart.  Do you long to be with the pure existence radiating from every heart in every moment?


In the 15th Century, Guru Nanak traveled the world while singing in ecstasy:

aaee panthee sagal jamaatee

See the brotherhood of all mankind as the highest order of Yogis.


Now, here is a meditative technique to help you build the capacity to relate to the illuminated oneness consciousness and Ultimate Reality within every heart:


Sit comfortably with a tall spine.  Place your soft gaze on any object, but do not give hard focus to that particular object.  Still your gaze on this object without blinking the eyes, do not fix a hard focus on this particular object, but allow everything to flow through your here and now experience.  Allow consciousness to enter Dhyana (deep meditation) so that there is complete stillness of all sense perception.  Enter into a state of pure being where this moment is all, and now this one, now this one, now this one is all.


This takes practice, but eventually your gaze will be refined so that in every instant you see the true nature of all beings.  No matter what the outer circumstances, you will be meditative with all beings while all of your individual sense perceptions remain in graceful poise and absolute stillness.  So, now, do not blink the eyes; even though there may be sights, sounds, sensations from without and within, at the core of your being, you remain absolutely poised, unmoved by sensations.  In this state, you are not projecting but merging.  You radiate pure existence.  Even the sensations of your each heart beat exists — now this one now this one now this one — and you still watch it all …

And consciousness shifts.


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© Yogi Amandeep

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