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How to Love One Another Right Now: Part 2

This post is a continuation from  How To Love One Another Right Now: Part One

In this post Yogi Amandeep elaborates on his answer to this shortened version of this seeker’s question.



How can I relate to all beings and see the light within every heart?


Yogi Amandeep

Balance the Five Elements Within Your Body


Another reason we perceive reality differently from one another is because the proportion of the five elements within your body and the proportion of the five elements within my body are different. The five elements — earth, water, fire, air, ether — are related to our five senses.  Whatever the proportion of the five elements within your body, your perceptions act accordingly.


The five elements and the five sense perceptions are also related to the five pranas (these are Prana, Apana, Udayana, Sumana, and Vyana; See “Overcome Depression: Part 2”).


Consider this: your body’s five pranas, five elements, five senses of perception (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling), and five sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin) constantly coordinate, communicate and interrelate with one another and the world.  So, to see, hear, know or perceive something with absolute clarity, the five pranas and five elements must be in balance.


How to balance these?  Meditate.  The more you meditate and the deeper you go into meditation, the more your sense of seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling will come into balance.  As these become more balanced, you start to experience reality more clearly, rather than how you project; you start to see reality in its more realness.  Eventually, the elements, the pranas, the sense perception, and the sense organs can be refined ever further to enter various realms of consciousness; but we’ll save this topic for a future talk.  You asked about perceiving the light within every heart of every being.


Practice these: 1.  Appreciate pure being-ness in every interaction.  2. Balance the elements within your body.  3. In the words of Yogi Bhajan, “Recognize the other is you.”  This means the other’s heart is your heart.


Committed focus on these three can bring clear perception that paves the way to sustained compassion, kindness, altruism, and connectedness. Because once you have this clarity, you can perceive the life force within the heart of another human being as the life force within your heart. Once you perceive this, relate to this essence of pure being.  When you relate in this way, no matter if the being has a ton of faults, your presence will bring out his virtues; if the being hurts or offends, your presence will conjure forgiveness; if the being is a filthy worm, your presence will elevate his consciousness.


Suppose you are interacting with foreigners; you may think that it is culture or language barriers that divide humanity, but this is not true.  Ancient yogis knew foreign languages without ever having studied them.  How?  They vibrated the universal language of the heart.


So, what qualities arise in the moments when we perceive this being-ness?  We sense One Primal Force that lives within every heart, One Energy, One Power, One Light, One Life Force that is the same within my heart and within your heart and within the flower’s heart, within the mountain’s heart, within the tree’s heart, within the star’s heart, within the bird’s heart, and within the snake’s heart.


This is a force that is generous, alive; it always has more than enough to go around.  All at once this force is formless, liberating, sustaining, creative, infinite, transforming, nameless, desire-less, and enlightening; this Reality flows through every being in the universe. If we try to perceive this from the mind, the mind cannot fathom it; if we perceive from the devoted spiritual heart, this force is so awesome that it can fill our inner being with ecstasy; there is nothing humans can do before it but bow, dance, sing, weep, or laugh with joy.


Refine your consciousness.  Listen deeply.  Listen for the possibility to meet and greet your worst enemy with heart perception.  Ancient yogis greeted one another cheerfully, singing out Aadays Tisay Aadays …. This is an ecstatic greeting that expresses the profound wonder of two hearts meeting in the knowledge that they beam the One Universal Beloved Force of Creative Consciousness.  In the presence of such a One, the physical, mental, energetic, and etheric bodies at once bow the most profound bow.


May all sense perceptions become still in primal Repose.  May the five elements easily come into balance within us.  And may we perceive the essential being-ness in every heart.  May we walk, may we sit, may we breathe, and may we be one with every being absorbed in this beloved cosmic consciousness.


Sat Naam!

© Yogi Amandeep

2 comments on “How to Love One Another Right Now: Part 2

  1. Part One and Two……an interesting inspiring read thank you.


  2. Lisa Miller

    Satnam! Thank you for this beautiful explanation. Bowing my head in gratitude🙏🏼


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