Dark Retreat Making of a Yogi Teachings primordial womb

How to Live a More Creative Life


Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep! Can you tell me what can help me to live a more creative life?

Yogi Amandeep

Many blessings to you.

To explore this question, let’s start a journey.

Now, through the nose, powerfully inhale. Now, powerfully exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.  (Suggestion:  Read this post all the way to the end, then read it again, contemplate, then try the practice described here and take time to integrate the teaching into your life.)

Now, hold the breath out and tighten your sit bones; also tighten the perineum, and also tighten and pull up the navel point. Pull the diaphragm in and up. In your mouth, roll your tongue and press the rolled tongue to the roof of your mouth. Roll the eyeballs up as if to look at the crown of the head.

Remain still like this for as long as comfortable. Remain still.

With the breath held out, you are empty. With all of these locks pulled in tightly, your energy is unified.


This is the same exact state you were in when you were inside your mother’s womb.




When you were dwelling in the womb — without effort — the sit bones, perineum, and navel were tight; your energy flowed in unity. When you were within your mother’s womb, your tongue was rolled up and pressed to the roof of your mouth, naturally and effortlessly. When you were in your mother’s womb, the Kundalini was in the awakened state. This is a state of being the yogis call Hiranyagarbha, or the primordial womb. It is a state of being when all existence and energy is unified within the primordial dark matter.

Keep the breath held out. Keep the locks engaged and tight for as long as is comfortable.

Realize this state of being in primordial dark matter is the key to manifesting anything in our universe. Darkness, stillness, and primordial unity are necessary to make a fetus grow in the mother’s womb. Likewise, the seed of a tree needs to be buried in the Earth to remain still in the primordial darkness. Only after it sits in darkness can the seed begin to grow into a tree.

Now, inhale powerfully. Exhale powerfully. Throw all the air out. Keep the breath out and hold. Tighten the lock of the sit bones, the perineum, the sex organs, the navel, the diaphragm, the neck is now long with each vertebra aligned to ensure a smooth rise for the Kundlini, the tongue rolls back and presses up (this unites the lower energy with the higher energy), the eyes roll back and up to the crown of the head (this directs the energy into the crown chakra and beyond).


Darkness, stillness, and primordial unity are necessary to make a fetus grow in the mother’s womb. Likewise, the seed of the tree needs to be buried in the Earth to remain still in the primordial darkness. Only after it sits in darkness can the seed begin to grow into a tree.  The transformation from seed to tree needs darkness.

Retreat to Darkness


Now, when we hold the breath out and create this pressure in the body by pulling in these locks — locks are also known as mudras, a mudra is anything that seals the energy in a closed circuit — and remain empty of breath, we recreate the same circumstances we naturally experienced in the womb. So, when you consciously suspend the breath out and engage these locks, you are recreating the environment needed for you to grow, to manifest, or to transform.

To further enhance recreating the circumstances of the womb, sit in darkness

When you want to create something, first, sit in darkness. There are many benefits to sitting in darkness and meditating in darkness. Darkness is an essential part of your spiritual journey. This primordial dark space is a space we all share.  99% of the universe is made up of Dark Matter. This is the primordial darkness out of which everything in creation emerges. So, if you want to enjoy a more creative life, sit in darkness. Meditate in darkness. Be with darkness until your awareness of darkness dances joyfully with your inclination to “be the lighthouse” (as Yogi Bhajan taught).  Start with a few moments of darkness a day and gradually increase.

Consider this: these circumstances transformed you in your mother’s womb from a tiny embryo into a full grown human being.  If these circumstances were necessary to facilitate your entry into the human realm, imagine what recreating this environment can do for you in your life here and now. The possibilities are infinite.




Darkness will also offer you the sense that you are not the doer in your creative endeavors.   You are continually moving, breathing, living, and existing in collaboration with the One that is formless, nameless, desire-less, the sustainer, liberator, the infinite, unborn, undying, transforming, and unifying force of the universe.  Darkness connects us with these force and with a sense of surrender to this One Beloved True Doer of Everything.



Many have understood the word Guru to mean the one who guides from darkness into the light.  This is one perception, and it is okay.  However, this understanding suggests that darkness is somehow sinister or less desirable than light.  Yogis regard this as a polarity to relate darkness to evil and goodness to light.  This perception is not precise from a yogic perspective.


Remember that when we associate darkness with evil and light with good, we are stuck in a duality.  A yogi is the one who perceives beyond polarities.


So, realize that Gu means darkness and Ru means light.  Both are neutral.  Darkness and light co-exist simultaneously.  The way Yogi Bhajan described it, “in every light, there is a spot of darkness, and in every darkness there is a spark of light.” This is the Yin and Yang energy.

Another way to look at is that the Guru guides through both dark and light; more important, both qualities are part and parcel of the spiritual journey.

So, to bring more creative energy into your life, sit in darkness. Breathe. Just sit without practicing a technique.  But if you must engage a technique, for a few moments, consciously repeat the breath pattern in which you spend some moments holding the breath out and tightening the locks and pull the energy from the sits bones to the top of the skull. Recreate the circumstances you enjoyed as a fetus in your mother’s womb. Emerge from your dark retreat with fresh eyes. Look upon the world as does a newborn baby. Be full of awe, surprise, wonder, and amazement at everything you encounter in the universe. Things are perfect as they are. Sometimes we simply need fresh eyes to look upon them that way.  Dark retreat gives us these fresh eyes.

May your journey be filled with both nurturing dark and nurturing light. May you dance in ecstasy and wonder with your consciousness that dwells beyond polarities.

Sat Naam!

© Yogi Amandeep Singh

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  1. This is something different.. ! I used to hold my breath for a long time inward but this perspective seems new❤ Thanks for sharing


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