Yogi Amandeep, how do I overcome depression?

Yogi Amandeep

Over the years many people have come to me to help them overcome depression. I teach them a yogic method that works, if practiced correctly, guaranteed. This method was taught to me by my teachers. My teachers taught me to see depression as a gift, as an opportunity to wake up. Opening up the heart to notice the gift of depression helps us to receive all the lessons that the body and breath have to teach us. I have counseled all different people over the years, from destitute prisoners in Singapore to socialites living comfortable lives in Los Angeles. No matter what their life situation, all people get depressed.

Everyone can overcome depression with a simple method, but the method must be practiced with daily devotion and a deep internal focus.  But before we get to the practice, let’s get some perspective on depression.

First of all, what is depression?

When we hold too much within ourselves — too many thoughts, feelings, beliefs, sensations, stimulants, judgments, desires, ideas, needs — we subconsciously push unnecessary pressure down; the energy within the human system gets pushed down by psychosomatic overload.  The first place that gets affected by depression is your navel.

If your navel is aligned, you cannot experience depression.

The navel is your root. In the womb of the mother, before anything else manifested, there was one first channel that was you; your navel is the first thing that manifested in your process of becoming human. So, whenever you are misaligned in your life, be aware of your navel. Whenever you are not aligned, the first thing that will be affected is your navel.


1. If there is depression, the navel is not aligned.

2. If there is depression, the breath is not aligned.


Whatever the story or circumstances that seem to trigger your depression — relationship issues, financial hardships, health challenges, mental intrigues — the outward circumstances are not the source of the depression. Changing your outside circumstances will not relieve your depression.  See it this way: Depression is strictly these two matters: your navel is not aligned, and your breath is not aligned.


Align the navel, and align the breath, and you will kick the depression.


Now, how do we align the navel? How do we align the breath?

There is a practice (see Overcome Depression: Part 2 ), if you commit to it consciously for six months, it will help you overcome depression. Note, the practice will not change the outer situation, but it will align you. Once you are aligned, you will be able to hold your space; you will hold your strength. You will stand. When the navel is aligned, you are able to stand, to sustain yourself. Whatever depressive thoughts or outer conflicts once triggered you into depression will no longer afflict you anymore; these situations will not trigger you into depression anymore. You will be able to build a shield around yourself. Your navel will become strong, and your breath will be rhythmic, powerful, and galvanizing. When the breath is full and deep; life is full and deep.  Align the navel and align the breath, and Life will not depress you; Life will impress you.

The practice to align the navel within six months does not demand that you practice this for two hours or three hours a day.  You can complete small sessions during the day –once in the morning, once during the day, and once in the evening.  Make life simple.  Consciously practice once when the sun is rising, once when the sun is above your head, and once when the sun is setting. These particular times of day are when you can easily access your energetic field. The yogis regard these times of day as the three junctions when the outer portals and the inner portals are most accessible.


Now read Overcome Depression: Part 2 to learn the practice.

© Yogi Amandeep Singh

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