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How to Deeply Enjoy “Ask a Yogi” Webinar


Yogi Ji, What is a Satsang?

Yogi Amandeep

The Sanskrit word Satsang can be broken down into seed sounds: Sat means truth that is the highest truth. Sang means community; this is a community that is gathering to sit in the presence of truth, to contemplate truth, absorb truth, and assimilate truth.

This truth is absorbed through a question and answer exchange with a master, sage, or spiritual teacher.

Satsang opens safe space that invites seekers to ask questions to a master. It is a gathering where you will feel comfortable to explore questions concerning your practice, Kundalini Yoga, spirituality and personal development. The exchange of question and answer provides a subtle transmission of wisdom that extends beyond the actual words contained in the questions and answers.

There is a transmission of high vibrations that open a door within each seeker, a door to each seeker’s own spiritual heights and library of internal heart wisdom. Satang can be a memorable connection. The master effortlessly establishes a loving thread of communication that will continue long after the question and answer session ends.

A spiritual seeker takes birth out the masters’ Gyan Gufa, or the master’s mouth, as the mouth is a cave of wisdom from which the master’s words flow. This cave of the mouth is like a womb for a spiritual seeker.  When a person goes into a state of receptivity, the words of the master can transform the seeker’s consciousness, the consciousness can experience a birth; for example, after hearing certain words from the master in certain ways, the unsure student may become — in that moment — a true seeker, realization can bloom.

The master’s words can have an impact on your continuing spiritual journey. This exchange will become a guide in your search for your Self and your destiny. Depending on the seeker’s receptivity, a single satsang session can support that seeker in remaining present, receptive and open-hearted in a journey to dive deeper into creative consciousness.

It is important to approach the Satsang somewhat prepared.  This means that before the session, the seeker contemplates a heart-centered question.  A question that arises from the seeker’s heart will receive a more engaged and lively answer from the master. Also, the seeker should be ready and willing to approach totally empty.  In other words, it is recommended the seeker come to the question and answer session with a Beginner’s Mind, that is an empty mind, like you know nothing.

Receptivity and heart are two keys to a fulfilling experience in Satsang.

As Rumi says, may we find the sweetness in our own heart so we may find sweetness in every heart.

Sat Nam!


© Yogi Amandeep Singh


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