Yogi Amandeep Singh is a rare teacher — his mere presence blesses a seeker with the grace of God and Guru.

That is the best way I can explain my experience with him. Simply being with him, something expansive blooms in the consciousness, something I can’t put into words because words would only limit the experience.

Something shifts, and something changes within; but at the same time, everything is the same. It’s a mystery, but that is what Yogi Amandeep is for me.

He taught me that not everything has to make sense. Life and yoga are not linear; they are not black and white.

After my first yatra with Yogiji, I left with a sense of purpose. I felt that my spiritual life had been reborn. I received a glimpse into my destiny and vowed to live by it. I had so many questions to ask Yogiji, but every time I came into his presence, all my questions dissolved like sugar into water. That is the power of Yogiji. His presence brought my awareness from my head to my heart. Everything like questions, concerns, worries, thoughts, ambitions, and ego simply dissolve.

All that is left is silence. And in that silence is where the magic happens.

My second yatra with Yogjiji was something completely different. After having such a blissful time on the first yatra, I had the same expectations for my second yatra. On the second yatra, Yogiji gave me everything I needed but that was not exactly everything I wanted. He allowed me to face my shortcomings in a safe environment. He also taught me the most important life lesson to date: He taught me how to surrender. He guided me to bow with sincerity, a deep and total surrender to each experience and to the present moment.

This has dramatically changed my life for the better.

People talk about surrender and being in the present moment, but Yogiji really takes me from the mere theory of it and leads me to the experience of surrender.

I am forever grateful for having Yogiji in my life. Something shifted inside me; I came to the Yatra full and left empty.

Now that I am empty, I look forward to what will bloom in the next Yatra.

I look forward to being, again, in the powerful presence of Yogi Amandeep Singh.

By the grace of God and Guru,


© Yogi Amandeep Singh



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