Sat Nam, Yogi Ji. Can you explain why it is significant to be aware of the new moon phase to enhance our meditation practice and help us along on the spiritual journey?

Yogi Amandeep

We have three main energy centers which impact our experiences. The solar plexus governs our animal nature; it is fueled by solar energy. The Third Eye governs our divine nature and is fueled by lunar energy. Our heart—which was created by a combination of lunar and solar energy—governs our human nature. Our heart is the source of our personality.

Our ability to balance our animal nature, and divine nature allows us to live a balanced and compassionate, heart-centered life.

The new moon is a time when fresh, pure lunar energy begins flowing in. It is a good time to set intentions for new beginnings. If we can be conscious of these cycles, we can utilize the energy they stir to our advantage.

Through sitting and vibrating at high frequencies, we can make a positive impact on this bio-energy and bring it to our aid on our spiritual journey. We use sacred sound, which gave birth to all of totality, to positively impact this energy. Through these actions we plant seeds of intention to bring balance and divinity into our lives. This helps to draw us closer to our authentic selves.


© Yogi Amandeep Singh


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